My two new favorite plug-ins: Waves' Manny Marroquin bundle has a great sounding eq, reverb, delay and distortion as well as interesting takes on tone shaping.


...and Waves' Center could be my secret weapon tool for mastering!

Anearful BLOG praises Isadora EP

Jeremy Shatan's Blog, ANEARFUL- An earful about music, pop culture and whatever else is on my mind. His recent post, Ambition: Not A Four-Letter Word (Dec. 14, 2013), praises four recent releases including the recordings I produced...

Isadora EP.jpg

Isadora - EP Since we're discussing artful and ambitious releases, allow me to introduce you to Isadora, whose debut came out near the beginning of the year.  I discovered them when they were on the bill with Napoleon (who I discovered at the Mystical Weapons show earlier in 2013). Of course, I investigated Isadora before the show to see if I should plan to stay for their set. I knew within a minute or two of the first song, that I wouldn't want to miss them. While their debts (to Radiohead and The Beatles, among others) are clear, they have more than enough of their own personality to make their EP one of the most promising debuts of the year.

Over the course of the EP, they demonstrate a sure hand at crafting complex songs full of organic tempo changes and dynamic shifts in volume and tone. There's an experiential quality to their music, where by the end of each song you feel like you've been through something. This is even more apparent in concert, where they push the dynamics to the limit, but the crystal clear recording doesn't sacrifice the sense of spontaneity and interaction that helps their music achieve liftoff.

The five members of Isadora are all excellent musicians, with Nick Burleigh an important double threat on both guitar and violin, Joshua Rouah mainly playing atmospheric keyboards but also guitar on occasion, Ian Mellencamp melodic but not groove-averse on bass, and Jesse Bilotta knowing just when to ratchet up on the drums and when to lay back. Aaron Mendelsohn's vocals show a lot of range and flexibility, going from a reflective croon to a biting intensity as the song demands. Together, the music they make is incredibly satisfying. Get the EP now and keep an ear out for more from Isadora in the future.

Last day of Summer

Beautiful morning here at Atlantic West.

The red foliage is actually poison ivy. Poison ivy and Virginia creeper, both vines, are the 1st to turn color as a way of attracting migrating birds who eat their berries and thus spread their seeds! (Horticultural info provided by Mira Peck- my beautiful wife.)