Goodbye Philly Int'l Records

After a devastating fire in 2010 Philly International Records is now to be demolished. Pro Sound News article

My story: I enjoyed engineering the sessions I did there a bunch of times. I don't remember that sign tho. The most memorable session was with Kenny Gamble producing the late Phyllis Hyman. They had me set the mic up (Neumann U87) in the control room right in front of the console. So it was me, Phyllis and Mr. Gamble sitting side by side. Man oh man, she could sing! It was truly amazing. To this day I say it was the best vocal performance I ever recorded. She got all sweaty and started misting herself with a spray bottle. So I had to tape a big piece of cardboard in front of the 24 track machine to prevent the tape from getting wet. I think we tracked three songs in about 2 high-energy hours before we all came down. It was for her 1995, I Refuse To Be Lonely album, released posthumously after her tragic suicide. She was a star.